It is well recognized that there is major shift in pharmaceutical growth away from the mature developed economies to fast-growing emerging...

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Agricultural biotechnology has been hailed as the best guarantor of food supply for the world’s poor...

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Bioprospecting combines traditional field biology and ethnobiology...

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His Excellency Festus Mogae, President of Republic of Botswana received GBDI t-shirt at GBDI Southern Africa regional training course, Gaborone, Botswana (2000)

Welcome to GBDI

GBDI is a not for profit institute, working to help industries gain excess to emerging markets by directly linking industries with key policymakers, regulatory authorities and health, agricultural and biodiversity professionals in emerging markets.

Emerging markets benefit more when there is a direct relationships with industries. Benefits include investments, availability of wide range of products for the population.

Key points:

  • GBDI will help open markets in emerging markets for industries.
  • GBDI will bring together regulatory authorities, Health professionals and industries to assess their needs and develop partnerships.
  • GBDI will accomplish these by organizing seminars and consultations.

GBDI Strategy

Global Bioscience Development Institute (GBDI) has experience working with policymakers, industries and academies in most of these emerging markets.

GBDI can help your company gain excess without excessive budget to penetrate these markets. GBDI will help your company choose the right portfolio to provide high growth opportunities and local customer needs and build the right sales and distribution model.

GBDI can help developing country leaderships, and develop and organize effective approach to increasing investments in agricultural, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and appropriate technologies.

GBDI can help institutions in developing countries organize effectively and form partnerships with world leading research and funding institutions.